The wedding day is extremely busy and you can hardly arrange the time you want because it has to work on the agency and also has to load a lot of preparation work while the wedding day is very close. For that reason, couples are very prone to hasty and unintentional situations in some important situations.

For that reason, Only May Photography would like to share one of the most common situations that is the decisive stage in card printing. At this stage, if not carefully checked, in addition to additional costs incurred, it also takes a lot of time for the bride and groom. Let's check the content items to check before printing the wedding invitation.


It's hard to believe, right? That is absolutely correct. If your restaurant favours places like Yarra Valley, Johnnys Emporium - you must choose a thick card (usually C300 or higher), holding a firm and smooth feeling. Does not feel lumpy or slippery and the paper thickness is too thin. But it wouldn't be appropriate when you put those kinds of paper in a country party venue.

Why is that so, when your guests hold a good quality paper, it means giving them the feeling that this is a very formal wedding. Special: there are some scent papers. If your wedding is not too fussy and not too bad, a restaurant is good enough, with a name, choose thick paper, firm to hold.

Note: there are some types of non-color paper if you choose the design "put your wedding picture on the card".


This check is extremely important. You look back again before you set the pen and decide to print. Because before printing, the printer will ask you to check again. Even if you give them the right information, but they give up the right to check back to you one last time, if you skip this step, all their mistakes will become your responsibility. belong to you.

Notes to check are: Family name of both parties, Bride & Groom name, wedding date, address and time, family rank of both parties. Specially check for spelling errors in each sentence. (Often words with a question mark or a tilde are prone to spelling errors, or words with the ending "g" - "ng".)


In addition to checking spelling mistakes, you need to keep in mind restaurant location information and restaurant organizational map.

The restaurant is located in which area, district, street and is held in which lane, floor and location of the restaurant. It will be very easy when your guest does not get to meet the receptionists at the terrace. Just these small details, guests find the wedding location of the two of you extremely easily.

Example: Ruby groove - 3rd floor (located in the left-hand area of ​​the main staircase / right-hand side from inside the elevator).

Map, draw or look on Google map in all directions best possible. And do not hesitate, ask your design to draw more roads into the parking lot. Many restaurants do not have parking in the basement and are located quite far away, if your guest - the first time to this restaurant, it takes at least 15 - 30 minutes to get a good parking.

Only May Photography would like to share some sample of invitation have been printed by @Heybirdpaper with super gorgeous and elegant style that between Asian or European can choose for their wedding invitation.

These are actual sharing from Only May Photography and also experiences when working in wedding industry.